Strawberry Fields

It’s nearing the end of strawberry session (December to April).

There are a number of farms in Hong Kong where you can take the whole family strawberry picking. There are big commercial enterprises with other kid-friendly activities that you have to book, some require entry fees and a lot of these tend to have big crowds on the weekends. Others are far more informal and casual.

I contacted 上水天光甫士多啤梨園 (organic farm in Sheung Shui) a couple of days prior to visiting to book. “Just rock up anytime”, they said. No entry fees, just pay for the strawberries you pick ($80 per pound). That Sunday morning, we showed up around 10am and were the only ones there. It was a fairly small basic farm. They sold other veggies but their focus was strawberries. They give us a basket and a pair of scissors, told us which patch had the best strawberries, and off we went.

DSC00191 (2)

LB had a great time running up and down the rows of strawberries, although he did get a bit grumpy in the sun, and there were quite a few bugs (remember to bring bug spray).

At the end of the day, we sat in the back of the car, and had some super sweet strawberries – undoubtedly made sweeter by the fact that they were freshly picked – by ourselves!


Address: 83 Castle Peak Road (Kwu Tung), Sheung Shui, Yuen Long

Phone: 9377 4599, 97683760

Parking: Available


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